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> Hi Alexander,

> Sorry if this has been already discussed in the past, I've certainly
> missed the thread.
> Is there any strong reason to not enable 2.6.x emulation by default
> in the future RELENG_7 ?

We have FC4 in the linux base port. Fedora Legacy is abandoning it, so  
no security updates anymore. FC5 and later require a 2.6 kernel, they  
don't run with a 2.4 kernel. So we need the 2.6 emulation rather  
sooner than later.

A reason to not enable the 2.6 emulation currently is: we have  
showstopper bugs.  Acroread is not working. We have a patch for this,  
but we are discussing some details (security implications and locking  
stuff). So far I didn't had time to test the functional change of this  
patch and don't know if it fixes all issues with acroread or not (I  
know about several ways if cashing acroread with 2.6, other people  
know only one way (immediate crash at startup), because I'm the only  
one with an acroread configuration which allows to start acroread  
(without specifying a PDF) withhin 2.6 without the above mentioned  
fix). And there may be some other bugs we didn't stumbled upon yet.  
Because of the showstopper bug and the fact that the amd64 part is  
only available in p4 ATM, we didn't had widespread testing of the 2.6  

So currently the strong reason to not enable it by default is: major  
bugs, lack of amd64 support and no widespread testing.

When we fixed the showstopper bug with acroread and don't identify  
another major bug, I will ask for testing 2.6 on -current to identify  
the easy to find bugs. After a week or two I will change the default  
emulation to 2.6 in -current, except we have some showstopper  
problems. At this point I also hope to have the code for amd64 in the  

If 2.6 will be enabled by default in 7.0 has to be determined based  
upon the feedback then.


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