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Brooks Davis brooks at
Tue Feb 27 19:17:25 UTC 2007

On Tue, Feb 27, 2007 at 10:16:16AM -0800, mjacob at wrote:
> I'm inclined to agree with Dag-Erling here. Originally I was 
> pretty happy that this got turned on automatically, but on the whole I 
> think the points made are good ones.

I've reread Dag-Erling's post and I still don't agree that it should be
removed, but since this seems to be the consensus I'll wait few more
hours to see if that changes and then remove it until something is done
to prevent problems with duplicate labels.

The basic reason I don't agree is that it requires effort to trip over
this bug.  In no circumstance what to so ever will simply having this
option in your kernel cause any harm.  Only if you add entries to your
fstab will problems occur.  I don't see how not putting it in GENERIC
will fix this pilot error.  Using labels in sysinstall is obviously
premature, but letting people use them a bit more seems like a very good
idea. :(

-- Brooks
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