cvs commit: src/share/man/man9 firmware.9 src/sys/kern subr_firmware.c src/sys/sys firmware.h src/sys/tools fw_stub.awk src/sys/dev/isp isp_freebsd.h src/sys/dev/iwi if_iwi.c if_iwireg.h if_iwivar.h

Luigi Rizzo luigi at
Thu Feb 22 19:10:48 UTC 2007

luigi       2007-02-22 19:10:48 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:        (Branch: RELENG_6)
    share/man/man9       firmware.9 
    sys/kern             subr_firmware.c 
    sys/sys              firmware.h 
    sys/tools            fw_stub.awk 
    sys/dev/isp          isp_freebsd.h 
    sys/dev/iwi          if_iwi.c if_iwireg.h if_iwivar.h 
  MFC: sync firmware(9) and iwi(4) with the version in HEAD (the changes
  are related and this is why the MFC is done together).
  In detail:
    Cleanup and document the implementation of firmware(9) based on
    a version that i posted earlier on the -current mailing list,
    and subsequent feedback received. See the commit log
          luigi       2007-02-15 17:21:31 UTC
    The core of the change is just in sys/firmware.h and kern/subr_firmware.c,
    while other files are just adaptation of the clients to the ABI change
    (const-ification of some parameters and hiding of internal info,
    so this is fully compatible at the binary level).
    Note that in RELENG_6 sys/arm/xscale/ixp425, sys/dev/ipw and
    sys/dev/mxge do not exist or have not been updated to use firmware(9).
    + add debugging code IWI_LOCK_CHECK() to print (under sysctl debug.iwi)
      missing locks;
    + make sure that iwi_ioctl() wait until the previous iwi_cmd() terminates.
  Revision  Changes    Path   +189 -38   src/share/man/man9/firmware.9  +1 -1      src/sys/dev/isp/isp_freebsd.h  +145 -92   src/sys/dev/iwi/if_iwi.c   +9 -1      src/sys/dev/iwi/if_iwireg.h   +20 -1     src/sys/dev/iwi/if_iwivar.h   +283 -129  src/sys/kern/subr_firmware.c   +15 -12    src/sys/sys/firmware.h   +1 -1      src/sys/tools/fw_stub.awk

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