cvs commit: src/etc devd.conf

M. Warner Losh imp at
Thu Feb 15 07:31:17 UTC 2007

In message: <20070215060243.GY38723 at>
            Joerg Wunsch <j at> writes:
: As Warner Losh wrote:
: > I have in on of my p4 trees patches that return the strings safely.
: > I did them so long ago that I could have sworn I merged them back
: > into the base FreeBSD.
: It would be great to have these around in devd.

Yes.  It turns out I abandoned this work and killed it from p4 (or
never committed it).  My memory about why I did this is somewhat hazy
at the moment, but some device I had had some problem that I couldn't
work around.

: Another thing that is entirely missing (even as a variable) appears to
: be a pccard's "function_type".  You can access "function" (but that's
: merely a slot #, thus not very useful for decisions in devd), but you
: could not e.g. try doing certain things for all pccard network
: devices.

I thought that was published.  pccard's pnpinfo includes function_type
(I just checked the sources).  pccard_cis.c sets pf->function to the
function_type found in the CIS.  it shows up in devinfo -v listings.
I don't have a pccard handy to test with at the moment, but that
usually means that it shows up in no match events.  Are you sure that
you aren't seeing it?

: But at least, based on the events that have been logged by my newly
: inserted "nomatch" statements, I could then proceed, and add specific
: "nomatch" entries for a number of devices to kldload the respective
: drivers.  Are there any ideas about collecting all these device data
: into a common database so all FreeBSD developers could share them with
: their users, something like the old pccard.conf used to do?

Yes.  There's much talk of this in various archives.

The short answer is the first step to do this automatically is to get
all the drivers to use tables to do enumeration, have those tables be
somehow standard and querriable from the .ko's (even if not perfect).
pccard comes closest to having these tables, but some variation would
be necessary to cope with sio_pccard.c which matches anything that
looks like a serial card.  mii is a close second, but there are real
issues with pci and usb...  Lots of grunt work after the inital design...


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