cvs commit: src/etc/rc.d dhclient src/etc/defaults rc.conf src/share/man/man5 rc.conf.5 src/sbin/dhclient dhclient.c

Brooks Davis brooks at
Fri Feb 9 03:11:34 UTC 2007

brooks      2007-02-09 03:11:32 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:        (Branch: RELENG_6)
    etc/rc.d             dhclient 
    etc/defaults         rc.conf 
    share/man/man5       rc.conf.5 
    sbin/dhclient        dhclient.c 
  Sync dhclient and supporting code with CURRENT.  In particular:
   - Introduce per-interface dhclient_flags_<ifn> and
     background_dhclient_<ifn> rc.conf variables.
   - Default to sending a client identifer.
   - When an invalid host name option is sent, delete it and accept the
   - Fix usage, the call to getopt, and a typo in rc.d/dhclient.
  Revision    Changes    Path  +3 -1      src/etc/defaults/rc.conf    +13 -2     src/etc/rc.d/dhclient     +2 -7      src/sbin/dhclient/dhclient.c  +12 -0     src/share/man/man5/rc.conf.5

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