cvs commit: src/lib/libc/gen fts-compat.c fts-compat.h

Daniel Eischen deischen at
Mon Aug 27 15:01:34 PDT 2007

On Mon, 27 Aug 2007, John Baldwin wrote:

> On Monday 27 August 2007 05:38:08 pm Daniel Eischen wrote:
>>>> it is today.
>>> So you want to just bump the version everytime a change happens in HEAD?
>> No, I don't see how you get that from what I said...
> You originally objected to having fts compat symbols as 1.0 and wanted the new
> fts to be 1.0.  Now you are saying that the new fts can be 1.1 and the old
> ones (only used in old current) can remain 1.0.
> That is, now you are saying to do what Yar originally wanted to do before you
> objected.

No, I still think they should be 1.0 or wait till after the
release.  I just made some assumption for the sake of giving
an example.


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