cvs commit: src/lib/libc/gen fts-compat.c fts-compat.h

John Baldwin jhb at
Mon Aug 27 06:54:31 PDT 2007

On Saturday 25 August 2007 05:51:38 pm M. Warner Losh wrote:
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>             Daniel Eischen <eischen at> writes:
> : On Sat, 25 Aug 2007, Ken Smith wrote:
> : 
> : >
> : > [ Not bothering to include references for the entire thread, go back and
> : > read them if you really want to... ]
> : >
> : > I want Yar's work to proceed as planned please.  My reasons are:
> : 
> : No offense, but some things have been going in without being discussed
> : an -arch or -current.  Approval for committing still has to go through
> : re@, but that doesn't mean that changes shouldn't be vetted elsewhere
> : prior to being sent to re@ approval.
> Can you be specific?
> Also, we shouldn't be making it this hard to use versioned symbols.
> The last thing we want is for it to be perceived as a fight to get one
> into the tree.  If that's the perception, then people are less likely
> to do the right thing in the future.  We should instead embrace the
> change, document the right thing to do and use it as a dry-run to work
> out the kinks in the process.
> Yar's change fell into a grey area.  Reasonable people could differ as
> to the time that the ABI became 'official'.  Is it with the release?
> Or is it when symbol versioning was turned on?  Or maybe when the code
> freeze happened.  Clearly it wasn't before symbol versioning was
> enabled, and it can't be after the release.  Why not now?  Why not let
> the RE@ make the call when he reasonably believes the right time is?
> We delegated the release process to him and his team so the whole
> community doesn't micromanage it to death, introduce changes at a bad
> time, etc, etc, etc.  Why can't we let him decide the exact boundaries
> and make this grey area less grey?

It has been the release in the past, never really grey.  I could see making
it when RELENG_x is branched, but we haven't reached that point either.

John Baldwin

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