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Alfred Perlstein alfred at
Mon Aug 20 11:49:27 PDT 2007

* Matthew Dillon <dillon at> [070820 11:43] wrote:
>     We have a lwp_kill() system call that sends a signal to a thread within
>     a process.  It turns out to be fairly necessary for any sort of heavily
>     integrated multi-threaded work.  In our case we need it to be able to
>     issue IPIs (aka SIGUSR1) to cpus within a SMP virtual kernel.
>     int lwp_kill(pid_t pid, lwpid_t tid, int sig);
> 						-Matt

It's always bothered me that there wasn't a generation count
included in the kill(2) interface.

What do you think about that?

It would be useful for pidfiles to ensure that a recycled pid
doesn't get a program SIGwhatever'd.

- Alfred Perlstein

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