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- --On Monday, August 20, 2007 09:08:20 -0600 Scott Long <scottl at> 

> Having it as a loadable module that is essentially private to PC-BSD (though
> open source, of course) will lead to questions of why Wine works
> in PC-BSD and not FreeBSD.  That's fine if your intention is to create
> a fork of FreeBSD, but I don't know if that's what you really want.

Stupid question here, but wouldn't such a KLD work under both PC-BSD and 
FreeBSD?  Something that we could put into ports and make a dependency *of* 

I kinda hate to see us do a whole whack of work on the Wine side when the 
problem is a deficiency on our part that Solaris, MacOS X and Linux have 
already seemed to dealt with :(

> Scott
> Kris Moore wrote:
>> The thought of a KLD hadn't occured to me actually. We are very close to
>> releasing 1.4RC1 though, so it may be a bit to close to work that out at the
>> moment. Tijl would probably be the one to ask about that though, since he's
>> the one making all this come together :)
>> However we will ship with the sys source on our disk 2, patch included.
>> We'll just have to ensure we let users know when they do a csup to re-apply
>> the wine patches manually.
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>> * Kris Moore <krismoore at> [070819 08:50] wrote:
>>> Even if you decide to only add this new functionality to FreeBSD 7.x,
>>> that's fine with us. Our next release of PC-BSD will be our last based
>>> on FreeBSD 6.x before moving to 7. We're committed to shipping with the
>>> patch Tijl wrote, since the improvements to Wine with it are night and
>>> day. Of course if you roll this into the tree, all the better since I
>>> won't have to spend the next 6 months to a year reminding users that
>>> when they update world, they have to apply the Wine patch first ;-)
>> Kris, I support the patch.
>> That said, have you toyed with implementing this as a kld that
>> you can ship with your code?

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