cvs commit: src/sys/kern kern_thr.c syscalls.master src/sys/sys

Alfred Perlstein alfred at
Mon Aug 20 02:31:57 PDT 2007

* Kris Moore <krismoore at> [070819 08:50] wrote:
> Even if you decide to only add this new functionality to FreeBSD 7.x, 
> that's fine with us. Our next release of PC-BSD will be our last based 
> on FreeBSD 6.x before moving to 7. We're committed to shipping with the 
> patch Tijl wrote, since the improvements to Wine with it are night and 
> day. Of course if you roll this into the tree, all the better since I 
> won't have to spend the next 6 months to a year reminding users that 
> when they update world, they have to apply the Wine patch first ;-)

Kris, I support the patch.

That said, have you toyed with implementing this as a kld that
you can ship with your code?

- Alfred Perlstein

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