cvs commit: src/sys/dev/acpica acpi.c

Nate Lawson nate at
Fri Apr 27 05:26:18 UTC 2007

John Baldwin wrote:
> On Wednesday 25 April 2007 05:57:13 pm Nate Lawson wrote:
>> Yes, that should be ok but why not do local first and then push up tree 
>> if it fails?  Semantically, a child of your bus requested the resource 
>> so most of the time you should be able to handle it.
> Very few resources should really be alloc'd from sysresource though.  No PCI 
> device should be alloc'ing from that for example.  It's really only for 
> special drivers like IPMI (when it's not enumerated as an ACPI device, but 
> only via SMBIOS tables) where a system resource is reserving it because it is 
> in use and needs to keep another device (like on PCI where resources aren't 
> fixed) from using it.  Thus, really only a specific allocation of a resource 
> in sys_resource should ever alloc from that, and all those specific 
> allocations will fail up in nexus since sys_resource has already claimed 
> those regions.

Ok, I buy that.


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