cvs commit: src/sys/netinet6 in6.h in6_proto.c route6.c

gnn at gnn at
Wed Apr 25 02:32:14 UTC 2007

At Tue, 24 Apr 2007 19:43:25 +0200,
Simon L. Nielsen wrote:
> > > Can you "MTC" this so we can turn off and on RH0 processing on current
> > > systems? It would greatly simplify things for me if I didn't have to
> > > build two kernels and move back and forth to test things.
> > 
> > +1 ... also is this going to be in the supported RELENG_X_Y branches as 
> > well?
> Yes, once the foodwork required is done.

You'll still have to build two kernels, it is just off by default
completely in HEAD.  The IETF is currently discussing retiring the
option in which case the code will disappear completely from HEAD.

Do you really think the option is required in HEAD?


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