cvs commit: src/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/common new.sgml

John Baldwin jhb at
Fri Apr 20 15:50:31 UTC 2007

On Friday 20 April 2007 01:12:48 am Gregory Neil Shapiro wrote:
> gshapiro    2007-04-20 05:12:48 UTC
>   FreeBSD src repository
>   Modified files:        (Branch: RELENG_6)
>     release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/common new.sgml 
>   Log:
>   Include a note in the sendmail 8.14.1 release note regarding the libmilter
>   update.  Unfortunately, this problem (the need to recompile filters) was
>   found after the MFC.  The release engineering team has asked for this
>   instead of doing a full backout of sendmail 8.14 in the RELENG_[456]
>   branches.
>   Requested by:   re (bmah)

At work I'll have to just not import the new sendmail for 4.x. :(   I can't 
ignore ABI changes like this and force everyone to recompile everything.

For 7.x and 6.x, can you bump the shared library version?  Then the previous 
libmilter from 8.13 can become part of the compat6x packages and existing 
binaries will still work fine w/o requiring a recompile.

John Baldwin

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