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Scott Long scottl at
Sun Apr 15 23:11:19 UTC 2007

Nate Lawson wrote:
> Amazing work, I owe you a beer for following through where none of us
> did.  I see you went with the SIM lock approach, which seems reasonable.

I was surprised when I measured the contention on the SIM lock.  It was 
much lower than I expected it to be.  So this approach is looking to be
pretty good.  It can be improved a little bit in CAM, but the focus will
now be on efficient locking strategies for the drivers.  I have simple
locking implementations for MPT, AHC, and AHD right now, and I'll have
CISS and maybe SYM shortly.  I suspect that the easiest approach to an
efficient strategy will be to make the driver ithreads be a lock-free as

I'm planning on writing a few pages of design docs on this in the next 
few days to give people a guide for locking down their drivers.


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