cvs commit: src/sys/cam cam_ccb.h cam_periph.c cam_periph.h cam_sim.c cam_sim.h cam_xpt.c cam_xpt.h cam_xpt_periph.h src/sys/cam/scsi scsi_cd.c scsi_ch.c scsi_da.c scsi_low.c scsi_pass.c scsi_pt.c scsi_sa.c scsi_ses.c scsi_sg.c ...

M. Warner Losh imp at
Sun Apr 15 19:13:00 UTC 2007

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            Robert Watson <rwatson at> writes:
: On Sun, 15 Apr 2007, Scott Long wrote:
: >  Remove Giant from CAM.  Drivers (SIMs) now register a mutex that CAM will
: >  use to synchornize and protect all data objects that are used for that
: >  SIM.  Drivers that are not yet MPSAFE register Giant and operate as
: >  usual.  RIght now, no drivers are MPSAFE, though a few will be changed
: >  in the coming week as this work settles down.
: >
: >  The driver API has changed, so all CAM drivers will need to be recompiled.
: >  The userland API has not changed, so tools like camcontrol do not need to
: >  be recompiled.
: Excellent.  This was one of the few remaining serious pieces of non-MPSAFE 
: infrastructure in the kernel.  Thanks greatly for doing this work!

Now all the scsi ethernet drivers that were threatened with MPSAFE
removal can continue on in the tree.  Way cool.


P.S.  :-)

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