[Back it out] was: Re: cvs commit: src/share/examples/mdoc example.4

Daniel Gerzo danger at rulez.sk
Wed Sep 27 16:04:10 PDT 2006

Hello Tom,

Thursday, September 28, 2006, 12:57:17 AM, you wrote:

> On Wed, 27 Sep 2006 10:22:34 +0200
> danger at rulez.sk wrote:

> Daniel,

> Please just back this commit out.  While I don't disagree with
> the commit, I do see at least one back out request.  In the
> project, we back out after a request if we are unable to change
> the requester's mind.  Leaving it in is just not how we do things
> around here and I would prefer not to become the very person who
> annoys the hell out of me.

I have already reverted the change as I saw the requests as well and
that is what Giorgos advised me to do.

> We'll put our heads together and see if there is a better way
> of wording it so everyone is happy.  Besides, I need to prepare
> for a conference - leaving tonight - so I need to stop being
> difficult around here and prepare to be difficult elsewhere.

Have a nice time at the conference :-)

> Thanks,

You are welcome!

Best regards,
 Daniel                            mailto:danger at rulez.sk

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