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Gleb Smirnoff glebius at
Wed Sep 27 01:14:42 PDT 2006

On Tue, Sep 26, 2006 at 04:56:31PM -0700, Maxim Sobolev wrote:
M> Looks cool. Do you have any numbers comparing performance of the old 
M> libalias and a new one running in kernel/userland mode?

AFAIK, this change doesn't affect performance of the userland NAT.
The main aim of this step was not performance, but separation of 
specific protocol NATing into separate pluggable modules.

The kernel nat (I mean ng_nat) is probably pessimized be this change,
because Paolo added locking to the list of plugins, this adds two
atomic ops per packet. I hope, Paolo will rethink this.

Totus tuus, Glebius.

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