cvs commit: src/sys/kern kern_proc.c

Martin Blapp mb at
Wed Sep 20 10:24:03 PDT 2006

>>                  mtx_init(&sess->s_mtx, "session", NULL, MTX_DEF);
>>                  PROC_LOCK(p);
>>                  p->p_flag &= ~P_CONTROLT;
>>                  PROC_UNLOCK(p);
>>                  PGRP_LOCK(pgrp);
>>                  sess->s_leader = p;
>>                  sess->s_sid = p->p_pid;
>>                  sess->s_count = 1;
>>                  sess->s_ttyvp = NULL;
>>                  sess->s_ttyp = NULL;

So we need GIANT too after the text 'else' ... What do you think ?

> Well, I'd rather use whatever lock we end up using for t_session instead
> of assuming it's going to be proctree_lock, so I'd like to leave t_session
> only under Giant for now until we really know what we are doing.

Ok. Should I back out tty.c rev. v. 1.258 or just going to work on the tty
lock directly and replace it with whatever lock we use in CURRENT ? I'll only
MFC the other part ...


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