cvs commit: src/share/mk

Juli Mallett jmallett at
Wed Sep 13 16:32:11 PDT 2006

Hi David,

* "David E. O'Brien" <obrien at> [ 2006-09-13 ]
	[ cvs commit: src/share/mk ]
>   When building WITHOUT_ASSERT_DEBUG, we need to disable -Werror as its easy
>   to see "warning: unused variable `foo'".

I think it might be a better idea to -Wno-unused, since the only sorts of
warnings one wants to ignore building NDEBUG are the variables which are
otherwise unused.  For example, if someone does something like:

	int foo;

	assert((foo = some_function()) != 0);
	printf("got foo=%d\n", foo);

We *really* want to have that warning be an error, as foo is being used
uninitialized, and the code is broken.


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