cvs commit: src/sys/kern tty.c

Martin Blapp mb at
Mon Sep 11 12:59:09 PDT 2006


> I've told Martin numerous times that t_session is not locked by the proctree

It was definitly not clear to me where to put the asserts. And I didn't got a 
clear response after I asked again. You remember, I did not have a additional
box to make tests this time when you proposed me to do it. The test box is
now here, we can hunt the bugs down.

> lock and thus by default it is covered by Giant.  I think much of the session
> stuff still belongs under Giant in fact.

I've sprinkled now the assers and running a fresh 6.1 RELEASE kernel with them.
Until now nothing happened. Let's see. Maybe it's a application which is present
on all the other boxes which is causing the trouble (mysql).


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