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Ceri Davies ceri at
Sat Nov 4 12:46:21 UTC 2006

On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 12:28:24PM +0100, Harti Brandt wrote:
> On Tue, 31 Oct 2006, Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote:
> BAZ>On Tue, 31 Oct 2006, Hartmut Brandt wrote:
> BAZ>
> BAZ>> harti       2006-10-31 10:23:28 UTC
> BAZ>> 
> BAZ>>  FreeBSD src repository
> BAZ>> 
> BAZ>>  Modified files:
> BAZ>>    etc                  snmpd.config
> BAZ>>  Log:
> BAZ>>  Bind to INADDR_ANY in the default configuration. This makes bsnmpd(1)
> BAZ>>  automatically work on multi-homed hosts and without explicite
> BAZ>> specification
> BAZ>>  of the hostname in the config file.
> BAZ>> 
> BAZ>>  Submitted by:   jmg
> BAZ>> 
> BAZ>>  Revision  Changes    Path
> BAZ>>  1.7       +1 -3      src/etc/snmpd.config
> BAZ>
> BAZ>haeh - I think what we (jmg, glebius and me) had agreed on on IRC was
> BAZ>default bind should be on 'localhost' with a commented out sample
> BAZ>for 0/0.  And the bogus$(host) should be dropped.
> Well, if you've agreed, then you should probably commit it. Locks ok for 
> me too.
> BAZ>Binding to 0/0 by default just exposes bsnmpd to the world with a
> BAZ>default secret if blindly enabled which is not a too good idea(tm).
> Well, at least there is no write community set, so the amount of damage is 
> limited. Also, normally SNMPv[12] should be firewalled. Of course, this 
> does not help if you run SNMP on your firewall.
> In any case, go ahead and commit.

Did you two decide to leave this be, or is the change still pending on

That must be wonderful!  I don't understand it at all.
                                                  -- Moliere
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