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Maxim Konovalov maxim at
Tue May 30 13:23:35 PDT 2006

On Tue, 30 May 2006, 15:04-0500, Mark Linimon wrote:

> On Tue, May 30, 2006 at 11:53:50PM +0400, Maxim Konovalov wrote:
> > That's something new for me.  Mark, is it possible to mail them to
> > freebsd-bugs as well?
> Not easily possible (it just mails to the default assignee).  Further, I'm
> not sure that increasing the traffic on -bugs even _more_ is advisable, it's
> pretty near impossible to drink from the firehose as it is.
> If people see things on -${ARCH} that should be in 'kern' they should fix
> them up.  I don't subscribe to those lists and thus don't often work on
> those PR (just once every month or so; to work on the -i386 PRs takes some,
> er, liquid courage to go tackle.)

Categories are ofter misfilled and sometimes bugs in the PRs are arch
independent.  As far as I see a volume of non-i386 bugs is not big: at
the moment we have 22 sparc64, 100+ amd64, 3 ia64, 3 powerpc, 13
alpha PRs.  Arm is bugless.

On the other hand it not feasible to subscribe to all our arches lists
just to get PRs.

Maxim Konovalov

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