cvs commit: src/sys/dev/mpt mpt_cam.c

Matt Jacob mjacob at
Mon May 29 13:31:56 PDT 2006

mjacob      2006-05-29 20:30:40 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/dev/mpt          mpt_cam.c 
  + Change some debug messages to MPT_PRT_NEGOTIATE level (so we
  can see the results of SPI negotiation w/o being overwhelmed
  with other crap).
  + For U320 devices, check against both Settings *and* DV flags before
  deciding whether we need to skip actual SPI settings for a device.
  + Go back to creating a 'physical disk' side of a raid/passthru bus that
  is limited to the number of maximum physical disks. Actually, this isn't
  probably *quite* right yet for one RAID volume, and if we ever end up
  with finding a device that supports more than one RAID volume (not likely),
  it probably won't quite be right either.
  The problem here is that the creating of this 'physical' passthru sim is
  just a cheap way to leverage off the CAM midlayer to do our negotiation
  for us on the subentities that make up a RAID volume. It almost causes
  more trouble than it is worth because we have to remember which side
  we're talking to in terms of forming commands and which target ids are
  real and so on. Bleah.
  + Skip trying to actually do SPI settings for the RAID volumes on the
  real side of the raid/passthru bus pair- this just confuses the issue.
  The underlying real physical devices will have the negotiation performed
  and the Raid volume will inherit the resultant settings. At the sime time,
  non-RAID devices can be on the same real bus, so *do* perform negotiations
  with them.
  + At the end of doing all of the settings twiddling, *ahem*, remember to
  go update the settings on the card itself (dunno how this got nuked).
  At this point, negotiations *seem* to be being done (again) correctly for
  both RAID volumes and their subentities. And they seem to be *mostly*
  now right for other non-RAID entities on the same bus (I ended up with
  3 out of 8 other disks still at narror/async- haven't the slightest
  idea why yes).
  Finally, negotiations on a normal bus seem to work (again).
  There's still more work coming into this area, but we're in the
  final stretch.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.20      +79 -74    src/sys/dev/mpt/mpt_cam.c

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