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M. Warner Losh imp at
Sun May 28 12:14:20 PDT 2006

In message: <20060528123915.7fe8e278 at>
            Alexander Leidinger <netchild at> writes:
: But when we have marked the internal functions as such, we can also
: generate an official version without the internal functions. It's just
: a switch. But so far I think we need to include everything until a
: subsystem is fully documented.

I think we should document everything and mark the *EXTERNAL*
functions as such.  I agree with your commentary about having full
kernel docs, and approved API subset as well.  However, kernel
functions are by default internal unless we deside otherwise.

: Since we have no API docs, everyone has to have a look at the kernel on
: his own. This only provides a little bit of help here.

We have api docs.  Please don't say that we have none.  There's a
bunch of documentation in the man9 section of the man page.  Sure, it
is incomplete, misleading and obsolete in places, but it is

: Since we are Open Source they can have a look and use unofficial parts
: without our docs. But when we clearly say "this is for internal use
: only", they can't moan. And we as developers have a benefit from the
: docs too.

I agree with this.  I guess my only point of disagreement are the
default sense of internal/external.


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