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Parv parv at
Sat May 27 23:22:34 PDT 2006

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wrote Peter Jeremy thusly...
> On Sat, 2006-May-27 23:42:36 -0400, Parv wrote:
> >in message <200605271712.k4RHC2gp069996 at>, wrote
> >Joe Marcus Clarke thusly...
> >>
> >>   Add a /media to FreeBSD.  /media is a directory designed to
> >
> >Was there something wrong with /mnt?
> Yes.  /mnt is for temporarily mounting a single arbitrary filesystem.
> /media is a container to hold mountpoints for (typically automatically)
> mounting a number of filesystems.  We've been through this bikeshed -
> please refer to the archives for details.

I thank you (and Joe M & Kris K) for the pointer.  I will read the
arch@ archive.

  - Parv


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