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Scott Long scottl at
Sat May 27 09:48:38 PDT 2006

Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

> In message <20060527104539.1f4c0738 at>, Alexander Leidinger writes:
>>>Can we agree that no functions will be put into publicized documentation
>>>until somebody has considered if the function actually is a public
>>>function or not ?
>>Does this mean you want to have everything marked as "@internal" by
>>default? I don't think there's a switch which does this, so you would
>>have to mark every function with @internal by hand.
> Yes, until somebody decides otherwise.
> We do not want all non-static kernel functions become published APIs
> by default.
>>What about adding a comment to the pages which tells everyone that we
>>are working on this documentation and so far we haven't reviewed every
>>function and decided if it is an internal one or not.
> I don't think the documentation should be published before it reaches
> a certain level of quality.  "Not including random stuff" would be
> a sensible first goal-post.
> Rather than aim to enable this for the entire kernel and create
> showel-ware documentation of no value, why don't you start with one
> subsystem which is currently being worked on and make a usable
> documentation of that subsystem ?
>>And the most important point is: what does it mean if a function is
> It means that the function should not be called outside the subsystem
> it is part of.
> To take an example: g_run_events() is not static, but it should be
> called only from one single place and there will never be a reason
> to call it from anywhere else.
> There is no automatic way to make this determination, you need somebody
> to look at each and every function to decide it.
> So until somebody explicitly decides otherwise on a function by function
> bases, all functions should either be excluded or marked internal
> automatically.

All very good points.  Unfortunately, the very nature of open source
means that people will go treading into non-APIs if they think that it
helps them solve a problem.  I have a long list of 3rd party drivers
that do exactly this; calling MD routines in order to grub around in
the BIOS, hijacking CAM internals because the correct API wasn't clear,
etc.  Whether a non-API appears is doxygen or not is irrelevant, an
industrious developer will find it anyways.


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