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Alexander Leidinger netchild at
Fri May 26 15:10:25 PDT 2006

Quoting Sam Leffler <sam at> (Fri, 26 May 2006 14:17:50 -0700):

> Someone else pointed out to me that the bulk of the discussion about
> this happened under an unrelated subject.  I checked arch@ and found
> exactly 3 msgs with doxygen in the subject--2 from gnn and 1 from you.

This was only the recent discussion about it. Doxygen (and/or this kind
of API documentation) was subject of discussions more than once. The
general outcome as I remember it was always: those which know how to
use it want to see it, and those which don't know to use it don't
object (some ask questions but don't voice their opinion after getting
the answers, maybe they don't care).

> I'd actually read them but they were content-free so ignored them.  <24
> hours later you made this commit.  Hardly a public discussion and
> certainly not enough time for folks to voice disagreement.

Think about it as "extending what was already there":
% ident /usr/src/sys/doc/Doxyfile
     $FreeBSD: src/sys/doc/Doxyfile,v 1.1 2004/07/11 16:13:57 dfr Exp $

Besides this: any arguments why this should not be used? If yes please
switch to arch@ and better subject.


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