cvs commit: src/sys/dev/pccbb pccbb.c

M. Warner Losh imp at
Thu May 25 08:46:45 PDT 2006

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            Scott Long <scottl at> writes:
: Gleb Smirnoff wrote:
: > On Wed, May 24, 2006 at 05:26:16PM +0000, Warner Losh wrote:
: > W> imp         2006-05-24 17:26:16 UTC
: > W> 
: > W>   FreeBSD src repository
: > W> 
: > W>   Modified files:
: > W>     sys/dev/pccbb        pccbb.c 
: > W>   Log:
: > W>   Suspend the children before we turn off card events in hardware.  This
: > W>   was done, I believe, to work around some cards having issues in the
: > W>   suspend case.  I think that this helped my Sony VAIO TS505 work better
: > W>   when it had certain wireless cards in it and I did a apm -z.  I've not
: > 								   ^^^^^^^
: > W>   tested suspend/resume on other laptops in a long time, so I hope this
: >      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
: > W>   doesn't cause greif.  Please let me know if it does.
: >      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
: >
: > Is this a joke, that I can't understand? :(
: > 
: > This file has broken APM suspend since revision 1.122, which was made
: > almost a year ago. I've told that several times, and I still hope that
: > this will be fixed before RELENG_7. The problem is not in suspending
: > children, since suspend is broken w/o any cards in slot. The problem is
: > in DELAY -> tsleep() conversion. The latter is not working, when
: > system is suspending. 
: > 
: Maybe it would help if Warner published patches and called for testers 
: before committing stuff like this?

No.  that wouldn't help.  Before the 1.122 commit, I circulated
patches for weeks.  No one reported the problem.  By the time the
problem came to light, there were already other commits to the file.
More circulation of patches won't help.

Since RELENG_7 is a year away at this point, there's plenty of time to
get it right.  It will get fixed before then, or I'll commit a
workaround in the cbb code to for that bug in the ACPI/APM code.

I need actual hardware that is known to exhibt the problem.

Toward that vain, I'm going through my collection of really old
laptops and trying each one out to see if I can get it to fail.  This
process takes about 2 hours per laptop, or longer, because I have to
upgrade them, find the missing power supply, missing video dongles,

So if you want me to work on this at all, hire me as a consultant, or
lighten up.  It will get done.


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