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Sergey Babkin babkin at
Fri May 19 04:15:04 PDT 2006

>From: Warner Losh <imp at>

>> In message <20060518.122122.71180479.imp at>, Warner Losh writes:
>> >> I've not been very impressed with what I've seen from sources using
>> >> this approach, but I guess having the prototypes with one line
>> >> comments is better than nothing.
>> >
>> >Doxygen does more than one line, and you get out of it the effort that
>> >you put into it as far as quality goes. 
>> That was sort of what I hinted at: most places I've seen don't seem
>> to have the follow-through to actually get more than the prototypes
>> out.
>Yes.  It takes everyone pulling together to make it work.

Doxygen is definitely beffer than nothing but not a
replacement for proper man pages either. I've had
experience with this kind of documentation in Qt,
and it gives some idea of what is happening inside
the function but always leaves enough mystery.
The part that is missing is the big picture of how
these functions are intended to work together.


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