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Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at
Wed May 17 17:03:47 PDT 2006

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On Wednesday, 17 May 2006 at 13:57:26 -0700, Julian Elischer wrote:
> Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>> In message <446B8A9A.800 at>, Julian Elischer writes:
>>> Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>>> Since our users run -stable, not -current, that just means that
>>> the code was broken by someone, not that no-one is running it...
>> Gee Julian, I thought you had mastered the difference between
>> stable and current by now, but just to make it clear: PCVT is still
>> present in -stable.

Well, I'm comforted to see that old FreeBSD traditions aren't dying

- Danish axes.
- phk picking on julian.
- phk ignoring what julian is really trying to express.

My interpretation is: if people are using pcvt in -STABLE, and it
works there, then the fact that it doesn't work in -CURRENT is:

- a regression.
- no indication of the wishes of the broader user community.
- no reason to remove it.

phk, you know this, and I'm sure you don't care, based on the way
you've been doing this sort of thing for years.  But this is not the
way to get FreeBSD more widely accepted--quite the contrary.

>> In other words, there are at least a year (under current planning)
>> until FreeBSD 7.0 comes out, so if somebody wants to resurrect pcvt
>> they have a year to do so.

I strongly believe that it shouldn't be up to a single committer
(especially one as trigger-happy as phk) to decide to remove
functionality from the system.

phk, you're a really good developer.  As a product manager, you suck.
I strongly believe that actions like this accelerate migration from
FreeBSD to other platforms.  I'm not sure that this worries you, but
it worries a lot of other people.  That's why we have a core team.

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