cvs commit: src/usr.bin/truss i386-fbsd.c main.c setup.c syscall.h syscalls.c truss.h

Pav Lucistnik pav at
Mon May 15 14:20:58 PDT 2006

pav         2006-05-15 21:18:28 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository (doc,ports committer)

  Modified files:
    usr.bin/truss        i386-fbsd.c main.c setup.c syscall.h 
                         syscalls.c truss.h 
  - Add decoding of kse_release, kevent, sigprocmask, unmount, socket, getrusage,
    rename, __getcwd, shutdown, getrlimit, setrlimit, _umtx_lock, _umtx_unlock,
    pathconf, truncate, ftruncate, kill
  - Decode more arguments of open, mprot, *stat, and fcntl.
  - Convert all constant-macro and bitfield decoding to lookup tables; much
    cleaner than previous code.
  - Print the timestamp of process exit and signal reception when -d or -D are in
  - Try six times with 1/2 second delay to debug the child
  PR:             bin/52190 (updated)
  Submitted by:   Dan Nelson <dnelson at>
  Approved by:    alfred
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.25      +16 -2     src/usr.bin/truss/i386-fbsd.c
  1.43      +34 -0     src/usr.bin/truss/main.c
  1.22      +27 -10    src/usr.bin/truss/setup.c
  1.17      +16 -8     src/usr.bin/truss/syscall.h
  1.52      +459 -131  src/usr.bin/truss/syscalls.c
  1.7       +10 -0     src/usr.bin/truss/truss.h

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