cvs commit: src/share/zoneinfo - Imported sources

Garrett Wollman wollman at
Thu May 11 04:29:03 UTC 2006

wollman     2006-05-11 04:29:00 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  src/share/zoneinfo - Imported sources
  Update of /home/ncvs/src/share/zoneinfo
  In directory
  Log Message:
  Vendor import tzdata2006g.  Too many changes to summarize here; of
  particular importance to those living in the Western Hemisphere as
  many non-U.S. zones will be changing DST rules next year to match the
  Obtained from:	Arthur David Olson,
  Vendor Tag:	ADO
  Release Tags:	tzdata2006g
  C src/share/zoneinfo/africa
  U src/share/zoneinfo/antarctica
  C src/share/zoneinfo/asia
  C src/share/zoneinfo/australasia
  C src/share/zoneinfo/europe
  C src/share/zoneinfo/northamerica
  C src/share/zoneinfo/southamerica
  C src/share/zoneinfo/pacificnew
  U src/share/zoneinfo/etcetera
  C src/share/zoneinfo/factory
  U src/share/zoneinfo/backward
  U src/share/zoneinfo/systemv
  C src/share/zoneinfo/solar87
  C src/share/zoneinfo/solar88
  C src/share/zoneinfo/solar89
  C src/share/zoneinfo/
  C src/share/zoneinfo/
  C src/share/zoneinfo/leapseconds
  U src/share/zoneinfo/
  14 conflicts created by this import.
  Use the following command to help the merge:
  	cvs checkout -jADO:yesterday -jADO src/share/zoneinfo

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