cvs commit: src/sys/ufs/ffs ffs_snapshot.c ffs_vnops.c

Dmitry Morozovsky marck at
Wed May 3 13:37:00 UTC 2006

Dear Tor,

On Tue, 2 May 2006, Tor Egge wrote:

TE>   Modified files:
TE>     sys/ufs/ffs          ffs_snapshot.c ffs_vnops.c 
TE>   Log:
TE>   Close a race when VOP_LOCK() on a snapshot file is attempted at the
TE>   same time as it is changed back into a normal file.  The locker would
TE>   get the shared "snaplk" lock which would no longer be the correct lock
TE>   for the vnode.

Any chance this (and subsequent) change(s) would fix snaplk errors reported by 
me? How can I help testing (patch applied cleanly, but I hesitate to test it 
blindly ;)


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