cvs commit: src/sys/compat/linux linux_socket.c

Scott Long scottl at
Wed Mar 22 19:26:33 UTC 2006

Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> Am Wed, 22 Mar 2006 10:04:50 -0500
> schrieb John Baldwin <jhb at>:
>>On Wednesday 22 March 2006 03:49, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
>>>If nobody is using the linuxolator on alpha with a recent FreeBSD (either
>>>because everything is used on x86/amd64 hardware, and/or because there's no
>>>usable linux_base for alpha), I think it would be best to remove the linux
>>>part from alpha. It would make the code in compat/linux cleaner.
>>Or just undo what you did above and leave it as it is. :)  I've done various
>>things on the compat code over and haven't been really bothered by the
>>#ifdef __alpha__'s.
> But this would introduce a dependency on COMPAT_43 again...
> Bye,
> Alexander.

In all honesty, Alpha is tier-2, and its days are numbered.  That 
doesn't mean that I'm proposing that it get axed from CVS right now,
but I also don't think that it is worth spending a lot of time on.


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