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Sun Mar 12 02:51:27 UTC 2006

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            Scott Long <scottl at> writes:
: Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
: > This talk of KERNELS reminds me of a patchset I've had for quite a
: > while.
: > 
: > Currently, 'make buildkernel' builds all the kernels you list in
: > KERNCONF, but installs only one, to /boot/kernel.  I've patched my
: > tree so it installs all of them into /boot/${KERN_IDENT}.  The reason
: > why I haven't committed this is that I want the loader to present a
: > list of kernels at boot time, and I don't know enough Forth to
: > implement that myself.
: > 
: > Ideally, the loader would grep each kernel and display its version
: > string in the menu; and there would be an rc.d script that links
: > /boot/kernel to $(dirname $(sysctl -n kern.bootfile)) so things like
: > zsh's kldload argument completion still work.
: > 
: > DES
: Dan Sobral and I have talked about exactly this in the past.  What you
: want to do is merge libregex into the loader and add the calling shims
: so that it can be accessd as 4th words.  It's actually a lot easier than
: it sounds, but I haven't had the time or motivation to try.  Once that's
: done, you'll be able to easily read directories and search for name
: patterns to use.

Another option would be to place the kernel version string in its own
section that the loader could then parse out of the kernel.  It would
have the added benefit that it could tell full kernels from mere
modules that way too.  That does require changes to the build
infrastructure to make work, but would have a few advantages.

But whatever is easiest to implement...  I think it would be a cool
feature no matter how it is implemented.


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