cvs commit: src/sys/dev/iwi if_iwi.c if_iwireg.h

Damien Bergamini damien.bergamini at
Sat Mar 11 12:35:33 UTC 2006

afaik, the only change between firmware v2.4 and v3.0 is the
way the firmware is stored on disk.
boot firmware, microcode and main firmware are stored in the
same file, so you have only three files, one for each operating
mode.  this simplify the driver too because you have only one
call to firmware_get() instead of three.


| Damien Bergamini wrote:
| > damien      2006-03-10 19:59:09 UTC
| > 
| >   FreeBSD src repository
| > 
| >   Modified files:
| >     sys/dev/iwi          if_iwi.c if_iwireg.h 
| >   Log:
| >   make use of the firmware(9) subsystem.
| >   use intel's firmware version 3.0 layout.
| This forces everyone to update their firmware to rev 3.0.  It's not hard 
| to handle both 2.4 and later revs.  Doing that also means folks can 
| switch in case they hit problems and need to revert firmware.
| Sam

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