cvs commit: src/usr.sbin/syslogd syslogd.8 syslogd.c

Garance A Drosehn gad at
Tue Mar 7 12:03:02 PST 2006

At 8:36 PM +0100 3/7/06, Pawel Jakub Dawidek wrote:
>Most usefull will be to have one configuration file for syslogd
>and newsyslog, eg.:
>*.*		/var/log/all.log	600  7     *    @T00  J
>security.*	/var/log/security	600  10    100  *     JC
>And teach syslogd to create configuration files with proper
>owner+permission on start.

Sigh.  Except then you have the "syslog" config file with
information about log files that syslog has nothing to do
with (such as log files written to by apache, etc).  Either
that, or you will be increasing the size of syslogd by adding
to it all the code which is in newsyslog, and then *also*
running newsyslog for the log files which are not created
by syslog.  Which, of course, would be rather ironic ("Use a
program called newsyslog to rotate the files which are *NOT*
created by syslog"!).

Why do you avoid newsyslog right now?  Because it is "too big"?
If so, then why would you want to pull all of newsyslog into
syslogd?  If not, let me know what features newsyslog is
missing, and maybe we could improve newsyslog for all users,
instead of modifying syslogd just to help your special case.

In any case, I'll bow out at this point saying that the
update to syslogd is small enough that I do not object to
it.  All I wanted to say was that it strikes me as the
wrong solution.  If we add an option to syslogd so it will
create it's own log files, then it would be reasonable to
add a similar option to every other program that writes
log files.  I don't understand why we'd want to go down
that path.

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