cvs commit: src/sys/kern kern_malloc.c

Gleb Smirnoff glebius at
Sat Mar 4 09:03:08 PST 2006

On Fri, Mar 03, 2006 at 10:36:52PM +0000, Paul Saab wrote:
P> ps          2006-03-03 22:36:52 UTC
P>   FreeBSD src repository
P>   Modified files:
P>     sys/kern             kern_malloc.c 
P>   Log:
P>   Fix bug in malloc_uninit():
P>   Releasing items from the mt_zone can not be done by a simple
P>   uma_zfree() call since mt_zone is allocated with the UMA_ZONE_MALLOC
P>   flag. Use uma_zfree_arg instead and supply the slab.
P>   This bug caused panics in low memory situations on unloading kernel
P>   modules containing MALLOC_DEFINE(..) statements.
P>   Submitted by:   ups

Thanks! I was hitting this from time to time.

Totus tuus, Glebius.

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