cvs commit: src/etc/defaults periodic.confsrc/etc/periodic/security security.functions src/share/man/man5 periodic.conf.5

Joseph Koshy jkoshy at FreeBSD.ORG
Sat Mar 4 07:25:28 PST 2006

hk> I noticed this has not yet merged into RELENG_5.  Could you please MFC this
hk> change?  I would be very grateful.

gk> I remember some objections about this, but I don't recall the exact
gk> objections.  Of course, if Joseph feels this is ok to commit to 5.X,
gk> it's fine by me.  I like my own suggestions, naturally :)

IIRC the objections arose due to the use of diff's -u format as default.

<jkoshy at>

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