cvs commit: src/sys/ia64/ia64 pmap.c

Alan Cox alc at
Tue Jun 27 05:05:06 UTC 2006

alc         2006-06-27 05:05:05 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/ia64/ia64        pmap.c 
  Make several changes to pmap_enter_quick_locked():
  1. Make the caller responsible for performing pmap_install().  This reduces
  the number of times that pmap_install() is performed by
  pmap_enter_object() from twice per page to twice overall.
  2. Don't block if pmap_find_pte() is unable to allocate a PTE.  If it did
  block, then it might wind up mapping a cache page.  Specifically, if
  pmap_enter_quick_locked() slept when called from pmap_enter_object(), the
  page daemon could change an active or inactive page into a cache page just
  before it was to be mapped.
  3. Bail out of pmap_enter_quick_locked() if pv entries aren't plentiful.
  In other words, don't force the allocation of a pv entry if they aren't
  readily available.
  Reviewed by: marcel@
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.177     +39 -20    src/sys/ia64/ia64/pmap.c

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