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Marius Strobl marius at
Thu Jun 8 15:10:15 UTC 2006

marius      2006-06-08 13:10:51 UTC

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  src/contrib/binutils/bfd - Imported sources
  Update of /home/ncvs/src/contrib/binutils/bfd
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  Log Message:
  * elf64-sparc.c (sparc64_elf_adjust_dynamic_symbol): When linking a
  non-shared object, do not reserve space in .plt and .rela.plt
  for regular symbols neither defined nor referenced in shared objects.
  This is a backport of rev. 1.101 ( repository) to
  Binutils 2.15 which fixes the creation of bogus relocations in the
  PLT of Firefox and Thunderbird binaries and which in turn caused
  them to segfault in rtld(1). This is committed to the vendor branch
  as it doesn't represent a local change but the original vendor fix
  is from after elf_link_hash_flags was replaced with bitfields.
  PR:		sparc64/89486
  Approved by:	maintainer timeout
  Obtained from:	NetBSD
  MFC after:	1 week
  Vendor Tag:	FSF
  Release Tags:	binutils_2_15_NOTHING
  U src/contrib/binutils/bfd/elf64-sparc.c
  No conflicts created by this import

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