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  Vendor branch import of TrustedBSD OpenBSM 1.0 alpha 6:
  - Use AU_TO_WRITE and AU_NO_TO_WRITE for the 'keep' argument to au_close();
    previously we used hard-coded 0 and 1 values.
  - Add man page for au_open(), au_write(), au_close(), and
  - Support a more complete range of data types for the arbitrary data token:
    add AUR_CHAR (alias to AUR_BYTE), remove AUR_LONG, add AUR_INT32 (alias
    to AUR_INT), add AUR_INT64.
  - Add au_close_token(), which allows writing a single token_t to a memory
    buffer.  Not likely to be used much by applications, but useful for
    writing test tools.
  - Modify au_to_file() so that it accepts a timeval in user space, not just
    kernel -- this is not a Solaris BSM API so can be modified without
    causing compatibility issues.
  - Define a new API, au_to_header32_tm(), which adds a struct timeval
    argument to the ordinary au_to_header32(), which is now implemented by
    wrapping au_to_header32_tm() and calling gettimeofday().  #ifndef KERNEL
    the APIs that invoke gettimeofday(), rather than having a variable
    definition.  Don't try to retrieve time zone information using
    gettimeofday(), as it's not needed, and introduces possible failure
  - Don't perform byte order transformations on the addr/machine fields of
    the terminal ID that appears in the process32/subject32 tokens.  These
    are assumed to be IP addresses, and as such, to be in network byte
  - Universally, APIs now assume that IP addresses and ports are provided
    in network byte order.  APIs now generally provide these types in
    network byte order when decoding.
  - Beginnings of an OpenBSM test framework can now be found in openbsm/test.
    This code is not built or installed by default.
  - auditd now assigns more appropriate syslog levels to its debugging and
    error information.
  - Support for audit filters introduced: audit filters are dynamically
    loaded shared objects that run in the context of a new daemon,
    auditfilterd.  The daemon reads from an audit pipe and feeds both BSM and
    parsed versions of records to shared objects using a module API.  This
    will provide a framework for the writing of intrusion detection services.
  - New utility API, audit_submit(), added to capture common elements of audit
    record submission for many applications.
  Obtained from:	TrustedBSD Project
  Vendor Tag:	TrustedBSD
  Release Tags:	OPENBSM_1_0_ALPHA_6
  U src/contrib/openbsm/HISTORY
  U src/contrib/openbsm/LICENSE
  U src/contrib/openbsm/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/README
  U src/contrib/openbsm/TODO
  U src/contrib/openbsm/VERSION
  U src/contrib/openbsm/aclocal.m4
  U src/contrib/openbsm/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/configure
  U src/contrib/openbsm/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/audit/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/audit/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/audit/audit.8
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/audit/audit.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditd/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditd/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditd/audit_warn.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditd/auditd.8
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditd/auditd.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditd/auditd.h
  N src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditfilterd/
  N src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditfilterd/
  N src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditfilterd/auditfilterd.8
  N src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditfilterd/auditfilterd.c
  N src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditfilterd/auditfilterd.h
  N src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditfilterd/auditfilterd_conf.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditreduce/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditreduce/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditreduce/auditreduce.1
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditreduce/auditreduce.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/auditreduce/auditreduce.h
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/praudit/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/praudit/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/praudit/praudit.1
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bin/praudit/praudit.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bsm/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bsm/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bsm/audit.h
  N src/contrib/openbsm/bsm/audit_filter.h
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bsm/audit_internal.h
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bsm/audit_kevents.h
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bsm/audit_record.h
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bsm/audit_uevents.h
  U src/contrib/openbsm/bsm/libbsm.h
  U src/contrib/openbsm/compat/endian.h
  U src/contrib/openbsm/compat/queue.h
  U src/contrib/openbsm/config/config.guess
  U src/contrib/openbsm/config/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/config/config.sub
  U src/contrib/openbsm/config/depcomp
  U src/contrib/openbsm/config/install-sh
  U src/contrib/openbsm/config/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/config/missing
  U src/contrib/openbsm/etc/audit_class
  U src/contrib/openbsm/etc/audit_control
  U src/contrib/openbsm/etc/audit_event
  N src/contrib/openbsm/etc/audit_filter
  U src/contrib/openbsm/etc/audit_user
  U src/contrib/openbsm/etc/audit_warn
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/au_class.3
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/au_control.3
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/au_event.3
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/au_free_token.3
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/au_io.3
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/au_mask.3
  N src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/au_open.3
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/au_token.3
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/au_user.3
  N src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/audit_submit.3
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/bsm_audit.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/bsm_class.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/bsm_control.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/bsm_event.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/bsm_flags.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/bsm_io.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/bsm_mask.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/bsm_notify.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/bsm_token.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/bsm_user.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/libbsm.3
  U src/contrib/openbsm/libbsm/bsm_wrappers.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/man/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/man/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/man/audit.2
  U src/contrib/openbsm/man/audit.log.5
  U src/contrib/openbsm/man/audit_class.5
  U src/contrib/openbsm/man/audit_control.5
  U src/contrib/openbsm/man/audit_event.5
  U src/contrib/openbsm/man/audit_user.5
  U src/contrib/openbsm/man/audit_warn.5
  U src/contrib/openbsm/man/auditctl.2
  U src/contrib/openbsm/man/auditon.2
  U src/contrib/openbsm/man/getaudit.2
  U src/contrib/openbsm/man/getauid.2
  U src/contrib/openbsm/man/setaudit.2
  U src/contrib/openbsm/man/setauid.2
  N src/contrib/openbsm/modules/
  N src/contrib/openbsm/modules/
  N src/contrib/openbsm/modules/auditfilter_noop/
  N src/contrib/openbsm/modules/auditfilter_noop/
  N src/contrib/openbsm/modules/auditfilter_noop/auditfilter_noop.c
  N src/contrib/openbsm/test/
  N src/contrib/openbsm/test/
  N src/contrib/openbsm/test/bsm/
  N src/contrib/openbsm/test/bsm/
  N src/contrib/openbsm/test/bsm/generate.c
  U src/contrib/openbsm/tools/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/tools/
  U src/contrib/openbsm/tools/audump.c
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