cvs commit: src/sys/kern kern_exit.c src/sys/vm vm_extern.h vm_glue.c vm_map.c vm_map.h vm_meter.c

Gavin Atkinson gavin.atkinson at
Fri Jun 2 11:13:58 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-06-02 at 00:26 +0000, Tor Egge wrote:
> tegge       2006-06-02 00:26:27 UTC
>   Modified files:        (Branch: RELENG_6)
>     sys/kern             kern_exit.c 
>     sys/vm               vm_extern.h vm_glue.c vm_map.c vm_map.h 
>                          vm_meter.c 
>   Log:
>   MFC: Close race between vmspace_exitfree() and exit1() and races between
>        vmspace_exitfree() and vmspace_free() which could result in the same
>        vmspace being freed twice.

Is it possible that this may fix the "bad pte" panic with "TPTE at
0xffff8000040028c8  IS ZERO @ VA 800519000" that I saw at ?

I've only ever seen that panic once, so I can't really test this commit
to see if it does indeed fix that issue.



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