cvs commit: src/sys/dev/kbd kbd.c src/sys/dev/syscons syscons.c

Maksim Yevmenkin maksim.yevmenkin at
Tue Feb 28 19:36:29 PST 2006

On 2/28/06, Scott Long <scottl at> wrote:
> Maksim Yevmenkin wrote:


> >>Ultimately I would like to see this enabled by default so that
> >>everything 'just works', but with a way to easily disable it in case
> >>something goes wrong.  Would that be possible?
> >
> > right now i can think of two ways to make it enabled by default:
> >
> > 1) add 'device kbdmux' to the kernel config (or even make it required)
> Could you add a check to the probe/attach routines of kbdmux so that it
> could be disabled via a loader hint?  I assume that there will only be
> one instance of the kbdmux device, so this should be easy to do.
> Something similar is possible with acpi, fwiw.

sure. i can add check in kbdmux_probe().

> > 2) set kbdmux_load to "YES" somewhere in loader.* files (somewhat
> > similar to acpi).
> Actually, acpi is much more evil.  The loader probes the BIOS to see if
> ACPI tables are present, and then sets the acpi_load variable based on
> that.  So no variables in loader.* are present in the default install.
> If we wanted to add the kbdmux_load variable in the default system then
> we will need to add /usr/src/sys/boot/forth/loader.conf, or add magic
> to the installkernel target to handle it similar to device.hints.

ok. i will add check for hints then. so, i guess, the plan is to add

device kbdmux

into default kernel config and use hints do enable/disable kbdmux, right?


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