cvs commit: src/sys/dev/kbdmux kbdmux.c

Maksim Yevmenkin maksim.yevmenkin at
Sat Feb 25 14:43:15 PST 2006



> So what do we need to do to get this enabled and running by default and
> get rid of the USB keyboard hack in the loader, as well as make the
> keyboard flags sane and predictable?

few things, imo

1) i'm pretty sure i want to get the following ukbd(4) patch in


--- ukbd.c.orig Wed Mar 30 00:32:41 2005
+++ ukbd.c      Thu Feb 23 17:18:37 2006
@@ -1145,9 +1145,7 @@
        state = (ukbd_state_t *)kbd->kb_data;
        if (!(state->ks_flags & COMPOSE) && (state->ks_composed_char > 0))
                return TRUE;
-       if (state->ks_inputs > 0)
-               return TRUE;
-       return FALSE;
+       return ukbd_check(kbd);


however, i'd like to give people a chance to comment on this

2) integrate remained parts of the following patch


the idea was that new keyboard will be attached to the kbdmux(4)
automatically (if present). syscons(4) would first look for kbdmux(4)
keyboard and then (if kbdmux(4) keyboard was not found) for any
keyboard. if syscons(4) finds kbdmux(4) keyboard it will automatically
attach all non-busy keyboards to the kbdmux(4).

one can use kbdmux(4) by simply

a) loading kbdmux(4) from the loader prompt (or compiling it into the kernel);

b) kldload'ing kbdmux(4) and then releasing active keyboard;

if, for whatever reason, one does not want to use kbdmux(4) then just
do not load it and everything should be as it is right now.

3) remove ukbd(4) entries from /etc/devd.conf

i think this should do it. any comments?


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