cvs commit: src/etc group

Robert Watson rwatson at
Sun Feb 5 11:30:49 PST 2006

On Sun, 5 Feb 2006, Robert Watson wrote:

>>> | +audit:*:73:
>> According to the Porter's Handbook, that's possibly the very worst choice:
>> 	ircservices:*:73:73:IRC services:/nonexistent:/nonexistent
> Hmm.  I was looking at the copy of the Porter's Handbook on 
> and it didn't show that one as reserved:
> ...
> proxy:*:62:
> authpf:*:63:
> uucp:*:66:
> xten:*:67:
> dialer:*:68:
> network:*:69:
> pgsql:*:70:
> simscan:*:74:
> www:*:80:
> qnofiles:*:81:
> ...
> Of course, it also didn't show some of the groups now in /etc/group.  Am I 
> looking at the wrong porter's handbook?
> Incidentally, this was one of the few group ID's I could find that wasn't 
> allocated in one of {Darwin, Solaris, FreeBSD, SuSE}.

Ah, now I see what you mean.  Some of the allocated gids are not listed in the 
gid list, they are only listed in the password file entry.  Sigh.  I'll go 
shopping for another.  Someone may want to propagate the gid's listed in the 
passwd lines into the group list.  Also, there are now some entries in the 
base system passwd and group files that don't appear in the list in the 
potter's handbook.

Robert N M Watson

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