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Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Wed Feb 1 05:51:39 PST 2006

Sergey Babkin <babkin at> writes:
> 1. It's slow, since BIOSes tend to use USB 1.x speeds, and even that
> not in a really fast way. So the big images are best to be
> avoided. Though probably it's still faster than floppies.

It is significantly faster than a floppy, and comparable to a CD when
you take into account the time required to spin up the drive and the
slow seek times.  It is also a lot less hassle than either (at least
with modern PCs which have USB connectors in front)

> 2. Accessing the root filesystem - the USB drivers have to be either
> statically compiled into the kernel or be loaded by the boot loader
> through BIOS (maybe through an analog of initrd ram disk - I'm not
> sure what advances have been done to the FreeBSD boot loader
> nowadays).

The required drivers are already in GENERIC.

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