cvs commit: src/sys/kern tty.c

Martin Blapp mb at
Wed Dec 20 11:44:12 PST 2006


>Ok, after a quick look at the patch (and this note) it makes more
>sense to me, but then would not be cleaner to do something like:
> sx_slock(&proctree_lock);
> if (tp->t_session && tp->t_session->s_leader) { ...
> }
> sx_sunlock(&proctree_lock);

You mean to restore rev. 1.258 ?

The answer is easy, rev. 1.258 costs more in the cases where tp->t_session is
already empty and we don't need to add a proctree lock and can just continue.
We need the proctree lock only if tp->t_session exists. You can call rev. 1.267
less invasive than rev. 1.258 :-)


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