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David E. O'Brien obrien at
Thu Aug 31 16:55:11 UTC 2006

obrien      2006-08-31 16:55:10 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  src/contrib/lukemftpd/src - Imported sources
  Update of /home/ncvs/src/contrib/lukemftpd/src
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  Log Message:
  Import of LukeM's ftpd taken from the NetBSD CVS repo on 31-Aug-2006.
  + Add PAM and LOGIN_CAP support. Mostly from FreeBSD.
  + Implement option "-D", for running ftpd in standalone mode (daemon).
  + NLST should return 450 instead of 550 upon error, per RFC 959.
  + Add recvbufsize configuration option
  + Remove unreachable code (res could never be NULL here), Coverity CID 712.
  + Set file to NULL after calling fclose(), Coverity CID 2669.
  + Make sure that "su" is initialized before dereferencing it, Coverity CID 1075.
  + Cleanup utmp and utmpx support.
  Vendor Tag:	LUKEM
  Release Tags:	nbsd_20060831
  U src/contrib/lukemftpd/src/Makefile
  U src/contrib/lukemftpd/src/cmds.c
  U src/contrib/lukemftpd/src/conf.c
  U src/contrib/lukemftpd/src/extern.h
  U src/contrib/lukemftpd/src/ftpcmd.y
  U src/contrib/lukemftpd/src/ftpd.8
  C src/contrib/lukemftpd/src/ftpd.c
  C src/contrib/lukemftpd/src/ftpd.conf.5
  U src/contrib/lukemftpd/src/ftpusers.5
  U src/contrib/lukemftpd/src/logutmp.c
  U src/contrib/lukemftpd/src/logwtmp.c
  U src/contrib/lukemftpd/src/pathnames.h
  U src/contrib/lukemftpd/src/popen.c
  U src/contrib/lukemftpd/src/version.h
  2 conflicts created by this import.
  Use the following command to help the merge:
  	cvs checkout -jLUKEM:yesterday -jLUKEM src/contrib/lukemftpd/src

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