cvs commit: src/usr.bin/tip - Imported sources

Ruslan Ermilov ru at
Thu Aug 31 14:12:23 UTC 2006

ru          2006-08-31 14:12:23 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  src/usr.bin/tip - Imported sources
  Update of /home/ncvs/src/usr.bin/tip
  In directory
  Log Message:
  Import OpenBSD's tip(1) as of today
  Vendor Tag:	bsd
  Release Tags:	v_2006_08_31
  U src/usr.bin/tip/README
  U src/usr.bin/tip/TODO
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/acu.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/acutab.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/cmds.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/cmdtab.c
  N src/usr.bin/tip/tip/cu.1
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/cu.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/hunt.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/log.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/partab.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/pathnames.h
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/remote.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/tip.1
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/tip.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/tip.h
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/tipout.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/uucplock.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/value.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/vars.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/tip/Makefile
  C src/usr.bin/tip/libacu/biz22.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/libacu/biz31.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/libacu/courier.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/libacu/df.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/libacu/dn11.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/libacu/hayes.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/libacu/t3000.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/libacu/v3451.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/libacu/v831.c
  C src/usr.bin/tip/libacu/ventel.c
  28 conflicts created by this import.
  Use the following command to help the merge:
  	cvs checkout -jbsd:yesterday -jbsd src/usr.bin/tip

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